Just A Few Entrepreneurs Business’s I Have Helped

I help business owners and Entrepreneurs develop the tools and technology needed to automate the entire process of

attracting new customers, and optimizing the sales funnel and process.

We just launched our mobile app!! The intent with the app is to give the consumer an easy, streamlined content delivery tool which they can utilize for health improvement in various ways: reading health related articles I have created, as well as additional articles with relevant educational content, journaling, listening to various spiritual and scientific podcasts (planning on starting mine in the near future!)
I’m beyond excited with the way the platform has turned out, the feedback I’ve been getting and the MULTIPLE revenue stream opportunities I’m about to embark upon.
As always, HUGE shout out and thank you to Brian Poillucci. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the guy is awesome, does great work and for those of you looking to take serious action, he is an excellent resource worth reaching out to!

Brandon Hall

CEO Prometa Health, Prometa Health

I needed some help with getting out effective Facebook ads for my conference. Brian and his team were just what I needed to target the right audience and make the right conversions. I couldn’t have made the conference a success without his help!

Justin Stenstrom

CEO, Elite Man Magazine

I decided to work with Brian because I was working on building my business and looking into new ways to generate leads and find customers. I knew Facebook marketing would be a great idea, but I wasn’t very familiar with it. Also, at the time, my website was a complete mess and wasn’t ranking well no matter what I tried.

Brian worked with me to create a new website that was clean and functional. He set up a great follow-up procedure for me to keep in touch with current and prospective clients. Best of all, the website finally started climbing higher in the ranks.

Currently, I am still working on growing my follow-up procedures and working on fine tuning our Facebook program. Overall, I am happy with how my website came out and the work that I have done with Brian. He has always been open and honest with me about what’s going on, what I can do to improve and he loaded with different ideas on reaching your customers.

Lauren Bateman

CEO, LB Music School

We opened our first location last June and we were not even thinking about a website. After talking with Brian we realized not only should we have one but that we needed one. We had no idea how many customers would use the internet to pre-shop our location before coming into the store. We had no website experience and to be honest we were a little nervous about trying to run our own site. Brian went out of his way to provide more than enough training and continued support. He made sure we understood exactly how to not only use the website but how to make it work for us. His knowledge in this field and how to get the internet to work for you is just amazing. He did us a favor when he walked into our door that day to discuss website design but he saved us thousands by making sure we understood new technology and how the new generation shops. He made sure that all of our accounts were set up with the best provider, the proper emailing company and that we were using the most advanced design sites. Brian specializes not only in web design and digital marketing, his customers service skills are beyond anything we ever expected.  We will continue to use Brian for all of our sales and marketing needs. We are thrilled with the growth that we have experienced since contracting with Brian and look forward to many, many more years full of success.

Omar Cruz

Owner, HomeTown Furnishings

I used Brian’s services to completely redesign my website, correct my SEO problems, and develop a full marketing plan for my website. The result was better than I imagined, and the marketing/management of the site is incomparable.  Not only was he professional, his value to my website is priceless. Brian goes far beyond what is required and can be relied upon to make any project a success.  I highly recommend him for all of his services and products.

Chris Raymond

Owner, Chris On Cars

I just had an awesome session with Brian Poillucci. Really cool guy, who definitely knows his stuff on FB Ads, technicalities etc. We also touched base on some common interests. Can definitely recommend this guy for any advice on websites, SEO, optimization and marketing. Thanks Brian!

Samir Di Johansson

President, Experts Accountability Team

Brian guided and consulted us from the very beginning of starting our company until we sold it. We could not ask for a better business partner. He knew exactly what our website and lead generating strategy should be.

John McHugh

Owner, Aqua Blast

Brian designed a website that is now our central hub for booking appointments and generating new leads for my auto repair shop. He taught us how to automate so much that we now have more time and money to grow.

Mick O"Handley

Owner, O'Handley's Auto

Brian, thank you so much! My eyes are OPEN to some steps I need to take! Thank you so much for your generous help!

Jen Miller

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Growing Green Tomatoes

I want to publicly thank Brian Poillucci for something other than his digital marketing genious.
He is helping me translate something very near and dear to me….Who I am as a person. ME, the person I have spent my life cultivating. He is helping me translate that into a digital online presence so that people who have never heard of me, can get to know me and buy into me.
And can’t thank him enough for tending to this endeavor. This is me and it’s all I’ve got.
Who you are as a family member, a friend, a mentor, a spouse, an employee, a boss….that is your life’s work. Improve upon YOU and what you have to offer the world. And when you are ready, find someone like Brian to translate that to the digital world.

All the tech stuff aside, I just love your genuine desire to be so helpful.

William Kelley

Coach, William Kelly Coaching

Following a call with the amazingly helpful Brian Poillucci, I’ve completed my 411 and set my goals and tasks.

Hayden Lee

Host of the UK's #1 Travel Podcast, Travel Stories Podcast

Happy news, the website is brand new and live thanks to Brian Poillucci’s hard work!

Kimberly King Schaub

CEO, Podcast Host, Peas on Moss

Wow!! Just had an Amazing truly valuable call with Brian Poillucci. Definitely had solidified my reason for joining the group. I feel like I was a little late to the game but I’m glad I’m in now.
Thanks again. I look forward to connecting with you and the rest of my team.

Roe Reese